Have you ever wondered... If only I had the video?
Have you wished for an instant replay of a witness interview or an event on location? How about hiring your own video producer?

We videotape events, hearings and news stories that otherwise would be lost.

We also do commercial video production. Many applications of video have just barely begun. Video blogging, shows can really showcase your business, even a 2-5 minute video introducing yourself can be surprisingly effective and personal.

We are pioneers in the area of real estate and mortgage banking presentions.   We work with the most effective video real estate and mortgage teams in the nation.

Video can be instrumental in the marketing and documentation of any event from real estate and mortgage news, court proceedings, school activities to coverage of a news or marketing event that doesn't get the press it deserves.

Any event can be recorded. The final product becomes a comprehensive record and an invaluable marketing tool.

Our goal is to make these services both attainable and affordable. Guidance is available on optimum marketing placement of your finished production.

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